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I have to confess something:  I am totally obsessed with tiny colored rubber bands, the Rainbow Loom to be precise!  It is THE hot new item among kids these days, and now ME!  If you are one who often needs to occupy her mind with mindless, but fun tasks, this could also be for you!  I don't even want to know what I've spent on refill bands and the various rainbow of colors (including glow-in-the-dark), but I have found it therapeutic to work on these rubber band bracelets.  Add to the fact that the websites states they are free of lead, chromium, BPA, and phthalates, BONUS!  I have made tons of different bracelets!  The website posts videos of how to do the multiple patterns that you can try and this young instructor is, in my opinion, destined to be a teacher.  She is very easy to follow.

I only have one problem:  what to do with all my bracelets?  My kids are making some and often scoop up many that I have made, but we still have so many because I like to try different color combinations.  So, I think I will make them as therapy prizes!

We did use glow-in-the-dark bands interlinked with rainbow bands for our little SPARKLLERS that they could wear during the SPARKLLE song and as a prize for completing the program we had set up this summer.  I think they were a hit!  I will be posting a picture soon!

The Rainbow Loom is a great birthday gift idea by the way, and if someone already has one, you can use up to 4 to make a bag!

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