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Okay, so there is so much to learn about blogging and it's just not coming easily.  I have been reading for weeks.  I need to organize my reads and keep them for future reference.  I once read about this experienced blogger (I'm pretty sure she was a teacher) that had a friend spend a week with her to teach her how to blog.  Each night they went over blogging basics and each day she had homework to start her own blog.  Too bad I can't find that blog anymore, because I would like to know if she would be my friend.

I have 8 posts in draft form, don't know how to add pictures, I mean I know there is a tool to add an image, but not really sure how to spruce them up.  Then there are these "buttons" that you can grab, I want a grab-able button.  Those linky parties are really quite exciting too, if I only knew the first step in linking up.  I've been creating materials, learning how to find and purchase graphics, and each time I think I'm ready to move forward, I hit another roadblock in this blogosphere.  I'm in awe and so want to reach mastery, but I am struggling.  I keep checking into first posts to see if others were feeling a bit lost.  Blogging for Dummies is my companion currently and I hope to race up this learning curve and get moving.

Anyone else out there in my boat?  I would like to share this blog, but so far I am the only one reading!


  1. Welcome to the blogging world! I found you through the All Y'All Need August linkup. I started my blog a year ago and it is so much fun! I'd love to help you figure out the basics of posting if you have more questions. These tutorials really helped me get my blog set up:

    This post is what I used to make my blog button:

    Good luck!
    P.S. I love the stars background you have!

    Schoolhouse Talk!

  2. Oh thank you, thank you! I will surely check out your blog and the links you offered. It all started with the stars and at least that was a blogger template option. I made the header, but couldn't tell you how to do it again (ha). The sizing took me forever to figure out, into the wee hours of one morning. I was just learning about buttons and I will surely read more. Glad to be a newbie with all these wonderfully helpful bloggers!


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