Here we go...

Well it's summer break and my obsession with reading blogs has hit an all time high, and I've been bitten by the bug!  The files in my brain's cabinet are open for exploration and this addiction has created a blog researching monster.  Although I am super nervous about taking this leap and overwhelmed by all there is to learn, I am going with the impulse and I hope to just hit publish and move forward!  Does this planner know what lies ahead, not a chance, but taking a risk (usually not in my vocabulary) is something I've just got to do.

I can't wait to share and I know my co-pilot will inspire you all with her insight once I figure out all the ins and outs of the blogosphere.  This blog is a way to share Sparklle, SPeaking About Remarkable Kids Learning Language Everyday, and who knows what else is to come.  With apprehension, I must give this a try!  As my older daughter would say when one needs a little boost, "Pixie dust away!"

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