It took forever but I'm finally on!

While I have read others' blogs, this is my first venture into that territory!  My friend has characteristically started this project and like anything in the path of her rolling snowball, I got rolled in to the fun.  She didn't have to twist my arm too much because her enthusiasm is quite contagious!

As you may have realized, we do love SPARKLLE!  SLPs are a unique group when you think about it.  Some professions don't like to share ideas (the whole "she copied me!" position), however SLPs are quite the opposite.  We live to share, and breathlessly hang onto any new idea that comes down the pike from our fellow colleagues.  We have had so much interest in SPARKLLE because it works!  We want to tell you all about it so you can help your little ones.  Likewise, we are always open to new ideas and suggestions.  While our SPARKLLERS have reduced/eliminated their use of phonological processes in their speech which we originally thought was our main goal, we found that in using the SPARKLLE approach, our little friends have become confident communicators - isn't that the goal of ANY speech-language therapy?!

I am very excited to take on this new role and look forward on traveling on this journey with all of you!  

Now, I have to go text 1spark so that she is sitting down when she finds out I actually posted!  

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