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My computer and I are currently BESTIES ("best friends", check out urban dictionary if you are new to this lingo).  I realized how much I do not know about Microsoft Word on my Mac while attempting to create materials.  Again, glad google has my back on this topic too!  So after text box creating on top of text boxes with photo inserts, sending items to the back and trying to add text that is aligned over top...and then there is the inserting of a new page after I already have everything set.  Really, I need to take a class.  Despite my issues with the learning curve again, I managed to create a few materials.

Here goes my attempt again at inserting thumbnails.  I used preview on PDF (oh, those experts are cringing right now with my lack of technology lingo) and selected a section with the lasso, saved as a jpg and then in iPhoto I gave it the old "control, command, e" to export in a smaller size.  Okay, so yes, I just added all that in so when I attempt this again, I'll know where to go for my tutorial.  Certain that no one else will even attempt to use this as a tutorial.  

Okay, so my first activity Speech Noodles, inspired by the 90 degree weather we had earlier in the month as well as my #1 little guy's speech sound targets:  /sh, ch, j/.  Speech Noodles includes: 
  • 10 target words for each sound /sh, ch, j/, 5 initial position and 5 final position.
  • 10 target phrases for each sound /sh, ch, j/, 5 initial position and 5 final position.
  • Additional game cards.
  • Optional pools to allow students to collect noodles in the pool. 
  • Word and phrase list.
  •  Blank practice words page.

Most likely I will use this activity, once cut and laminated, as an envelope game.  All cards go in the envelope and students select a target word or phrase card to produce.  The game cards always add a twist to drill activities and in the end serve to work on many other communication skills as students interact.  No, we don't play games in speech, we work on communication skills through activities.  This, my friends, is an ACTIVITY!

Now, let's think about a cold winter day, where swimming in the pool in scorching hot temperatures is a mere memory from months prior.  Then enter, the blow up baby pool (grab one on clearance before the summer ends) sitting right in the middle of the speech room with pool noodles hanging over the side, ready for speech friends to fish for target words.  Now, that sounds like a speech memory in the making!  In a perfect speech world, the students take home their target word page and communicate with family members all about "Speech Noodles."  An SLPs carryover success!  

So, if you want to see more, head over to my TpT store for this and other materials.  Plus, you might get hooked on finding so many wonderful materials by super star sellers, you may just have to hope for a rainy weekend to start printing, cutting and laminating.  I've got a stack!  Luckily my bargain-priced laminator from Amazon has plenty of pouches.

This next little gem (I really am so excited to use these in my speech room this year) will provide a flipping good time.  Grab a spatula, give 2 definitions for each multiple meaning word and then flip your egg.  That's surely how you make eggs over easy, fried on both sides (can't say that I've ever tried, but there is always a first time).  Each "egg" card, 90 in all, has a multiple meaning word.  Here are a few:  angle, bangs, catch, diamond, lie, pitcher, speaker, yard.  Multiple meaning words fascinate me and I just love working with these targets in therapy.  We always have a flipping good time and now for sure.  I would definitely add a few sayings to the back of these eggs to make it a game an activity!  Try these:  Scrambled egg, game over! Sunny side up, lose 1 turn. Fried to perfection, flip again! 

Okay, and here's the FREEBIE, Flip Flop Synonyms.  Oh and the inspiration for this cutie my #3.  #3 steals the pip fops (can you figure out the phonological processes produced by my #3) of my #2 and goes around saying pip fops while shuffling.  Yes, they have been worn to bed several times, too!  Okay, so go ahead and download this FREEBIE and have your students match up the pip fop pairs of words with similar meanings.

And that's a wrap of Materials Mania.  Incoming text messages coming now for a new material from 2spark (she's definitely in the path of my rolling snowball)!

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  1. I can't wait to pick up a few spatulas to try this in a few weeks when back to school!


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