Musical Dots Anyone?

Now you've probably all played a game or few of musical chairs, but what about "musical dots?"  Earlier this week, as we (2spark and I were both there) were supervising some graduate students running a Sparklle session, "when, what to {our} wondering eyes should appear," but an interactive game of musical dots and six little preschoolers grooving to the music, following directions, and stopping on a dot to reveal their target word.  When the music stopped, each child produced the target word at the word or sentence level and on went the grooving and language building.

{Insert eye catching photo here.}  Now, if only I would have thought to have my camera with me to take that picture.  My digital scrapbooks are a bit disappointed in my lack of photography lately too, as I'm at least six months behind currently.  It's so unlike me not to be taking pictures of everything, but I digress.

Slithering like snakes, crawling, hopping, and skipping on cue were those engaged little clients.  Structured group speech and language "play" therapy.  Amazing to be young and creative again, for a moment in awe of that marvelous activity implemented by talented graduate clinicians.  I sure hope you girls captured that photo for your portfolio!

Have you ever adapted a well-known game into therapy?

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