My Speech Room Tour

I'm going to take you into my speech room, where all the learning language everyday happens!  When I first landed my career, I was introduced to this lovely room, with three windows to the outside (no closet here), first floor location (at least 10 degrees cooler then my upstairs colleagues), eight viewing windows into the classrooms on either side, and a whole assortment of vintage therapy materials.  Guess those materials would have helped over at Speech Room News when she posts her "Back in my day" segments.  Luckily I was young and energetic, lucky to have a fabulous job as well as a crafty and super helpful mother!  We sorted through mounds of materials, bought and fitted styrofoam insulation pieces into the viewing window frames (did I mention you could not only see through, but you could hear every word spoken), and then crafted up some sunny yellow curtains (to go with my sunshine, of course).

I spent a couple good years in that room and then changes came about and the copier won my space.  Shipped off to the second floor in a hallway.  It had doors, four of them to be exact, and to get from one classroom to the other, you had to either cut through my hallway speech room, go up and down the stairs, or dodge children or literally dodge balls walking through the gym.  Did I mention no windows, except for those viewing beauties again and a fraction of the space.  I'm not a complainer (okay so maybe in my head and with close friends) and I gained a fabulous colleague to share another portion of the hallway, so all was good!

And then...the copier (in my room with a view) continued to do it's job only if you stood on leg, spun around three times, and clapped your hands.  Guess where I made my way back?  Oh yeah!  The curtains were still hanging, as was the insulation, and again the vintage inspired curriculum materials had found their way into the mix.  So, after a cleaning and organizing session, I'm back with more square footage! A school-based speech-language pathologist's dream!

Here you are only seeing HALF of the room, as it was this year when I walked in.

Facing the windows, this is the left side of my room.  See the original yellow curtains near the back.
I've managed this pink and purple butterfly theme going on, as I thought the fabric would make cute pillowcase dresses for my girls, but never got around to sewing those beauties.  

Behind those velcroed purple curtains, I house my therapy books and binders, board games and toys, assessments, and a collection of supplies.  All the shelves are labeled using my label maker.  I've collected a lot of stuff over the years!

I even snagged an old kids toy bin organizer from my house that matched my girlie color explosion to add this year.

I am trying out a new organization system.  In the past all of my envelopes (9x12 brown envelopes with the clasp) of created therapy materials and activities were kept in a 4-drawer filing cabinet by theme/time of year.  It worked well, but the corners of my envelopes got smashed in the filing cabinet.  I'm now going with a flexible binder system as well as smaller envelopes for newly created activities and will house them by quarter (1st, 2nd, 3rd, 4th) according to the themes that I plan to use (each quarter on a different level in my organizer).  I've got a good start on 1st quarter in those top bins!

Dollar store flexible binders.

May or may not use these pencil pouches to hold some of my activities in the binders.  For  laminated game boards, larger envelope games, and word lists, I am just 3-hole punching them to rest right in the binder.

It's hard to tell that these are the smaller brown envelopes (6x9), but they fit right in the smaller bins in my organizer.  These here are a few activities I purchased over at TpT.

This is the right side of my room.  I had the custodian hang that mirror.  I still have to rehang another freshly washed yellow curtain, but you can see the styrofoam panel.  If you look closely in the mirror, you can see the old copier that I hid in the corner of my room.
This donated office credenza piece is super functional.  I can keep all of my must grabs for therapy, including my Mighty Mouth, mirrors, dry erase boards, clickers, timers, card holders, stickers, laminated icons, and of course the prize box right on the top.  Inside the doors and drawers are many tins of Super Duper materials, organized by category with my new labels (purple chevron frames).  I totally love Command Hooks.  My favorites are the small wire ones.  I use binder rings and sheet protectors to house all of my important go to materials and hang them from the hooks.  I found many of these beauties on the materials exchange at Speaking of Speech over the years.  

Here on my door is "In Our Speech Room" from Speech Room News.

I neglected to print "Keep Calm and Speech On" from Crazy Speech World, but that surely will be going on my bulletin board right next to "Blessed are those who are flexible for they shall not break!"  Reminders for me or the students?

Anyone else love to see inside speech rooms?  When I get super overwhelmed during the school year, you can usually find me with my door closed changing the scenery in my room.  I guess it's good stress relief!


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