Need help converting my non-texting hubby!

While I am not the most tech-savvy, I do use some benefits of it.  My husband knows HOW to text, but takes pride in NOT texting.  He says it is faster (ha!) to call and/or check voicemail.  While I have had the same Samsung Intensity phone with QWERTY keyboard for 3 years, he is hanging onto an LG flip phone with a broken outside screen for 1 year now!  He can't even tell who's calling!

I got all excited because his phone wasn't charging Wednesday and he said we could go get new phones.  I was so happy, but instead of running down to Verizon that night, I decided to do some major cleaning in our bedroom and got distracted.  Well, wouldn't you know, his charger was not fully connected to the cord, and now it works!  I have thus named the phone Lazarus since it has come back from being a "dead" phone.  He says I can get a new phone, but I am still holding out that some mishap may befall his trusty phone...sabotage, maybe?  If anyone has any ideas to help get him a new outlook on texting, lmk!

Back to the SPARKLLE end, I will be teaming up with our reading specialist this fall and starting a pilot version to address phonological awareness along with reduction of the phonological processes in order to address the speaking and reading needs of our kindergartners.  I am not sure what it will look like right now, but we need to service quite a few of them coming in this fall.  I will be working out the logistics and keeping you all posted!


  1. Very interesting, both converting a non-texter and the new sparklle pilot! I have no novel ideas at the moment, but I will be sure to get back to you on BOTH topics!

  2. My husband and I have phones that are almost 10 years old! We only use them for emergencies and never text on them. I thought I had lost my charger a few weeks ago and was sure I'd have to move up in the world to a fancy phone.... luckily (or not?!) I found the charger and we are back to our super cheap but very user-unfriendly phones!

  3. I must admit, my Samsung still works and in some ways, I don't want a data package. I am just ambivalent, so maybe if the decision is taken out of my hands....I won't have a choice then! Hubby and I both had our cars for 10 years, but had to get 2 new ones in a year because my 2nd transmission blew, and his car got hit/pretty much totaled. Ahhhh, the days of no car payments!

    Thanks CC - we aren't the only ones with "antique" phones!


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