We're Going on a Bear Hunt in Therapy

Oh how I wish I could take credit for this wonderful language building activity.  The credit goes to some superstar graduate students preparing for the final summer session of Sparklle!

So, most of us remember reading the classic rhyme, We're Going on a Bear Hunt.  At our house we have the board book version (by Rosen and Oxenbury) and we just read it not too long ago.  My little #2 and #3 enjoyed it with wide eyes, as the story moves from fiction to fantasy. You can imagine, when the graduate clinicians told me they were thinking of this theme for the last Sparklle session, I was super pumped!  Visions bounced around in my mind as I thought about acting out this book with all its language and repetition.  I could anticipate the looks on those little preschooler faces when they walked into the therapy room.

Lucky for me, they did not disappoint.  Here are some pictures of the set up.
Long, wavy grass! OR A big, dark forest!

A deep, cold river!
A bit of cold spritzer as you move through the river!

Thick, oozy mud (a little imagination people)!

A narrow, gloomy cave!

 So, after reading the story, talking about concepts "over, under, and through" and using all those wonderful descriptive words to talk about the events, the preschool students were on the edges of their carpet squares waiting for the bear hunt.  Enter moments of chaos through the grass, river, mud, and cave and back through the cave, mud, river and grass safely to home base.  Just think of all the language rich vocabulary that will be repeated again when the children explain this excitement to their parents after therapy.

But, that's not all...  The superstars couldn't stop there.  A bit of a camping theme, roasting marshmallows over the fire (yes, it's a box fan on top of a laundry basket with streamers, go ahead and pin it...too bad I haven't figured out how to add that gadget, widget, oh forget it).  They even crafted up some s'mores for snack.  Hey, why not some sequencing built into the session!


Can I have s'more?

As the campfire slowly burned from wood to ash, darkness set into the Sparklle session.  The preschoolers grabbed their flashlights and looked at the glowing stars on the ceiling.  The creativity is just inspiring...and then they sang the Sparklle song...Sparkle, sparkle little stars (sung to the tune of Twinkle, Twinkle).  I don't know if we have ever shared that yet.  Definitely more to come on that topic.

Flashlights that illuminated the stars in the night sky!

Did you love this language activity for preschoolers as much as I did?  Have you ever taken a familiar rhyme or children's book and adapted it for therapy?

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