Woot, woot, we have a follower!

Here is where I scream like a teenage girl at a boy band concert!  We are being followed...and that's a good thing in the blogosphere!  This little gem, the Peachie Speechie, decided to click, "follow" and well she's a super fabulous, creative, GENEROUS school-based SLP.  I've read all her posts over at her new blog and I'm hooked.  I'm so grateful to find her.  Her therapy activities are fun and functional.  Did I mention her generosity?  ALL of her products on TpT are FREE.  Go check them out HERE.  I can't wait to use her Super Mario Inspired Game, I Mustache You A Question, and the Outdoor Speech Therapy Worksheet!  So, it's only fair that I share with our follower and anyone else that may have stumbled upon our blog.  I'll be sending the Peachie Speechie the materials I've created for TpT and anyone else that visits my TpT store through the remainder of this month can download Pirate Says Following Directions:  1, 2, and 3 step directions for FREE,

because this pirate says, "the Peachie Speechie, our first follower, is a treasure!"  You can use this activity during a therapy session on Talk Like a Pirate Day on September 19th!

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