You know how I get...another Linky Party!

Okay, so I read the first Love It and List It Linky post over at Speech Room News and I was totally enamored by this idea.  First off, I LOVE lists.  {I even create them for items I've already checked off as finished.}  Secondly, the only television I watch at any time is HGTV and Love it or List it is my favorite show currently.  Finally, I am obsessed with organization {okay so not that great at it, but concentrated on mastering it}.

Speech Room News Love It & List It Linky {two)

Here is my list!  Love It and List It:  Organization

  • Binderizing!  This year I have a binder for my planner, one for student data sheets and IEP at a glance forms, and a separate one for baseline materials.
I love my planner, tabbed with labeled dividers to include my therapy schedule,  calendar, caseload list, IAT meetings, evaluation lists, IEP dates and compliance, RtI forms/lists, TO DO lists, and a notepad for meeting notes and parent contacts.

Here are my colorful dollar store flexible binders.
Here is the start of my materials organization.  I added pencil pouches to organize some activities.  I am also hole punching laminated brown envelope activities to fit inside.
  • Toy storage organizer with bins of thematic materials for therapy sessions.  Plastic tubs {usually the white dishwashing bins} have been my go to bins for organizing materials for classroom lessons, centers, and therapy that may take place in the hallway or another colleague's room.  Everything for that session was thrown neatly placed in!

  • More Containerization!  I keep my supplies like dry erase boards, stickers for charts, date stamper, my Mighty Mouth, PVC pipe phones {DIY Elephones like those you find at Super Duper}, sentence starter strips, prizes, etc.  all in little containers mostly purchased from dollar stores and easily accessible to my therapy table.  

I'm also saving every container from food products this summer.  Here is what I did with Crystal Light Containers and these babies are next for the creative mind.  Any ideas welcome. 

These containers, with some cute labels of course, might be just grand for game parts and pieces I have hanging around my speech room. 
  • LABELS!  LOVE THEM!  I literally have labels in every room in my house, including my garage.  I even label things that are open to viewing, as in they don't require a label.  I just think they are stinkin' cute.  And when you stick them on with washi tape, just dreamy!  {Sorry, I don't know how to do Amazon Affiliate links and not sure I'm allowed to do so, that's another blogging lesson to come.}  Below is a picture of my labels to organize my credenza of materials {purple chevron outlines}.  And did I mention Command Hooks, the wire ones, to hang my packets of sheet protected therapy go to materials.  I also created speech folder labels.  You can find them here at my TpT store.

Cute labels and hooks!
So, I think I followed the rules and hopefully linked up with ease!  I hope I can be ready for the next installment of Love It and List It!  Thank you Speech Room News.  Now, off to reading more organization lists.


  1. Love the pretzel containers!

    Thanks for linking up!

  2. Great idea for using the dishwashing bins!

    1. Thank you! My students even carry them for me and I end up with some student speech folders thrown in too!

  3. Thanks for hosting! I'm still stewing over those cute containers! Maybe a speech bucket to fill, like the bucket filling classrooms!


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