Pirate-Themed Speech Therapy

I am totally pumped for Talk Like a Pirate Day!  I'm even planning to wear my eye patch and pirate hat this week.  Wonder if the parents will appreciate that attire at our team meetings?  Maybe I'll pass at those times!  Pretty sure the special rolling chair in my room, that is reserved for the speech king or queen of the session, will host a pirate this week.  Thinking about a special treasure under that seat for the lucky scallawag!  

Check out the official website HERE for your pirate lingo!

As I work on my therapy lesson plans for the week, I created another printable activity targeting synonym pairs and multiple meaning words.

Synonyms pairs includes 56 cards targeting 24 synonym pairs (24 on treasure maps with 24 matches on treasure chests) and 12 additional game cards.  Cards are circle shaped to mimic pirate booty!  

The second part of this download includes multiple meaning words and includes 48 parrot booty cards each with a multiple meaning word.  Students can provide 2 definitions for each word.  Use the game cards from Pirate Booty:  Synonym Pairs for more fun!
I also included a homework sheet for each activity.  Students can fill in targets while waiting to take another turn and avast, me hearties your therapy session is complete! 

I sure hope your scallawags bring their pirattitudes and enjoy this activity.  I'm planning to put my cards booty into a treasure chest for student to make their choice.  You can purchase this activity in my TpT store.  Since I don't know how to do any rafflecopters {I believe that is what they are called}, I'll plan on giving this product away FREE to the first 3 people to comment on this post.  Don't forget to include your email.  

If you are in need of a little reinforcement activity to tie into your Talk Like a Pirate theme, check out this App.  It's a pinball pirate themed game with a 2 minute timer, perfect for tallying data, checking folders, making notes on homework and filling in "I can" logs!  

If you have any pirate themed ideas, I'd love to hear about them.


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