It's Football Season and We're Punting for Pronouns!

So, if you have never been over to Crazy Speech World, go check it out on the double!  Among many speech ideas, she shared her theme therapy template, both blank and filled in with her themes for the year.  I too, love themes, but never was this organized, until I started stalking reading Jenn's blog.  I am quite certain she can thank me for many page views!  Is it weird that I feel like I know her, yet have never even e-mailed her?  Does commenting on her blog count?

Okay, so the real reason for the post, I've created a new football themed therapy material!

Last year I bought Jenn's It's Football Time.  Totally worth the nominal price I paid.  So, when I cut, laminated, cut again, and sorted these cuties into my envelopes, then gathered some other football themed materials (oh and of course her Trash Talk game), I began writing up my lesson plans for the week for my K-5 students.  The quickest I've ever accomplished this task!

Then I came across a bunch of pronoun goals and decided I should craft up my own activity to target subjective pronouns, possessive pronouns, and has/have.  Here is what I came up go with the football theme, of course.  Did I mention I was a former cheerleader as well as high school coach for over 10 years?  So, you'll see some cheerleaders amongst those padded fellows too!

Each target noun includes he/his, she/her,  and they/their cards.

There are 33 cards in all, with 3 cover/cue cards.

You can purchase this material over at my TpT store.  Mine is already printed and ready for the cut, laminate, cut, and sort routine!

I hope your favorite football team won this weekend!  I'm logging off before I start typing in a few old cheers!

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