Lesson Plans and Data Organization

Well yes, I've already had to re-think my organization for this year.  Remember my binderizing?  I mean I still LOVE binders, but I attempted to put all my data sheets into an organized binder.  I had labeled tabs divided by grade level and alphabetized each student's data sheet within that grade.

Here is part of the cover to my data binder that is no longer!

I totally thought I was set, until I gave it a try.  For starters, it looked just like my planner, same color binder and similarly designed cover page {wrong from the start when trying to efficiently grab the correct binder}.  When I actually tried to flip through to find the grade level and then each student, well let's just say my sticky notes were quickly filling up with data, not my data sheets.  So, out with the "new" and in with the "old" system.  Here it is.

I use a plastic {more durable, have lasted for years} 3-pronged folder for each group.  Within the folder, on the left side, I keep my data sheets {printed directly from our IEP software program} for each student.  Within the prongs, I keep the IEP at a Glance form {again from our software program} which includes all goals, services and accommodations for each child on a single page.  On the right side I keep my lesson plan form.  This has also been adapted as I have progressed in my career.  A "less is more" approach has now taken me to a simple form that includes only a group plan and comments for each session.  No more data entered on the lesson plan form, as I did for many years, which just required me to then transfer that data to the individual data sheets.  

So, what makes this system work for me?  My therapy schedule indicates the group number for each group next to the student names.  I just grab the folder, open it up, and everything is ready.  Notes, extra practice pages, unfinished items, icons, scripts, etc. can just be quickly gathered and shoved placed neatly into each folder and placed back in the bin by group number order when the session is finished.  My handle carrying case {this is a new addition} can easily move right from room to room or school to home for planning and analyzing!  

My first attempt at using Google Docs to share some materials, as I wanted to allow them to be edited.  They are all created in Excel.  

This is the plan I currently use, Blank Lesson Plan, that does not include data collection.  

The far right column is "Comments."

Here is a plan, Portrait Lesson Plan with data collection, that I adapted from some very smart, generous SLPs {thanks L and M} that helped me to begin my career.  It includes a column for data collection. 

Finally, a Landscape Lesson Plan with tally and percentage data collection, created after an idea from a super organized SLP {thanks J} that charted data with tallies for correct and incorrect/prompted.  

The moral to my story, make new friends, but keep the old!  Anyone else have a tried and true system that works for them?

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