Preschool Language: Cubby's Adventures

After my week of keeping up my Piratittude, my #2 {preschooler} shrieked about bringing home Cubby.  I, of course was thinking Cubby {Jake and Izzy too} from Jake and the Neverland Pirates.

Much to my surprise, Cubby is a tiny stuffed bear that travels with each preschooler on weekends during the school year.  He comes with an overnight bag {some PJs and a few outfits} and a binder.  You may know how I get about binders!  Inside the binder, Cubby gives instructions about his adventure with each family.  Cubby is to travel everywhere the child goes and appear in pictures, which must be SCRAPBOOKED in his binder.  I'm seriously in heaven and bust out my camera right away!  The student must also tell the story of Cubby's adventures and the grown-ups are allowed to write it, but MUST use the child's own a language development experience.  You've got to be kidding me, GENIUS I tell you!  So, we got right to work capturing and verbally expressing Cubby's adventures {of course I used language expansion techniques and scaffolding, read more HERE from Speech Buddies}.

Here Cubby joins us for dinner, later for milkshakes and then cuddles into his cozy bed.

Cubby wore his shades on the ride home from preschool.  He met a friend Nemo at our house and then even made a Rainbow Loom bracelet!

Not only did my #2 want to spend every minute with Cubby, so did my #3 {this came with a lot of tears and tantrums}.  So, grandma found "Nemo" and well he had his own adventure with us in an attempt to avoid the disappearance of Cubby by a toddler {#3}.  I am totally looking forward to our last day with Cubby and over the moon excited about putting into print all the language provided by my preschooler and potentially toddler!

Have you ever sent home a friend with your speech students as a home therapy activity?  If I were still working in preschool, I think I would be adding this to my plan!

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