The Paper Bag Princess: Sparklle Style!

I've added some princess inspired materials to my speech room this week.  I was quite sure the boys would be fully cooperative!  I purchased this great storybook companion pack from Miss Speechie's TpT store for "The Paper Bag Princess" by Robert Munsch.  {Holy Cow Miss Speechie has 247 products, with many freebies!}  I also saw a book companion from CC over at {can't wait to see what she has for my Superhero theme!}.  Here were my materials, freshly laminated, cut and ready to use.

Materials purchased from Miss Speechie's TpT store.

The princesses living in my castle enjoyed last Sunday afternoon with language building activities as I experimented with my new materials.  Although I don't yet have this book {have it in my Amazon cart for only $1.99, just need to find more bargains to reach the free shipping minimum}, I found the story online {YouTube} read by the author, Robert Munsch!  There are several YouTube reads that also show a series of pictures with the read along.  I also downloaded a PDF copy of the words, with the intention of using the copy to highlight articulation words and practice reading fluency too.  After my girls and I listened to the story read by me, once by Mr. Munsch, and again by another online reader, we were ready for some language building activities.

Here my princess began retelling the story with picture sequence cards.

The dragon actually "took" the prince from the sequence line up and moved him to his captured location!

And here the princess is wearing the paper bag.

We then cut and glued our sequence pictures to a paper bag and retold the story over again! 

Okay, so our imaginations got the best of us and we had to be the paper bag princesses!  A dragon puppet joined us as we put on a play.  Not exactly what you have time for during a speech session, but you could attach target words or events from the story to your paper bag for take home practice!  I also asked loads of WH questions about the story and we played around with some vocabulary words too!

My paper bag princesses!

Totally into the themes {not to mention enjoying every part of therapy and finding lesson planning quick and efficient with this method}, but I must have a matching homework sheet for more practice.  So, I created Royal Speech:  Open Ended Articulation Homework.  You can download it for FREE here, in my TpT store.   Following therapy sessions, I use my "I can and I will" target skill sheets to document the objective worked on, but having articulation words to practice at home provides so many more opportunities for awareness and fluency. 

Royal Speech:  Open Ended Articulation Freebie

I CAN and I WILL target skill sheet.  This is part of my Back to Speech product.

I know there are many of you using themes in therapy as well as those with an addiction to TpT.  Do you use books in therapy?  A primary hesitation is time, as sessions sometimes don't allow for reading an entire story and also including an activity.  That being said, each time I use a book in therapy or in group language lessons, the result is quite divine!  Here are two of my favorites for the coming weeks: "The Little Old Lady Who Wasn't Afraid of Anything" by Linda Williams, and "Big Pumpkin" by Erica Silverman.  


  1. I LOVE Paper Bag Princess!!! I don't have a great story companion for it yet so I'm going to think about getting the same one you did (or making my own!). It is such an adorable story. Those bag costumes are great too!

    1. Thanks, my girls loved the costumes! I finally bought my own book, at half price books! Tried to find the Gruffalo and Dragons eat Tacos there too, but no luck yet.


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