What CAN you DIY?

So for those of you who read my very first link up, may recall my meal planning.  Good news!   I am still keeping up with the family meals at 5dinners1hour.  If you are working mom and a family of 4-6, I highly recommended this meal planning service.  Totally worth the very minimal fee per month in providing an organized way to feed your family, with only 1 hour of preparation time each week!  Totally my style.

So, why I am again talking about 5dinners1hour?  Cans, cans, cans!  I've saved up enough cans, in just a short time making dinners, to create my articulation cans.  I'm pretty sure everyone else already has a set, but I'm debuting mine tomorrow!

I covered each with colorful scrapbook paper, then added a little washi tape {chevrons and owls} to the seam, and created a label {I've got to invest in the clear tape when this runs out}!

I used colorful popsicle sticks, each with a different target sound or sound class.  I wrote a word on each popsicle stick, with the sound in the initial, medial, or final position of words.  For quick reference, I wrote all initial position targets on the left side, medial in the middle, and final on the right side of the stick.

So far I have only included Dolch Sight Words on my sticks, but I may add more high frequency words as we go.  I am super anxious to start using these cans!  I have a feeling they will be among my favorite DIY creation.

Do you have articulation cans in your speech room?

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