What's your super power?

For me, the answer to the question, "What's your super power?" must be recognizing the amazing talents of many speech language pathologist bloggers {and of course my non-blogger colleagues who amaze me with their talents every day}.  Seriously, the super ideas, materials, and resources provided by this wonderful group of SLPs is far greater than I ever expected when I began this blog not too long ago.

My superhero mask coming to life!

Blogging for me was a summer long obsession {I have many as you are all learning}.  It started with my addiction to reading blogs, mainly organizing and Disney planning blogs.  Then I started thinking about starting my own blog.  The choice of topics jumped from organizing, home improvement {but that is my husband's specialty, I just reap the benefits}, Disney planning, my family, speech therapy, or just a combination {chaos, if you will} of all.  After researching the technology behind a blog and attempting to learn how to create my very own blog,  I roped in a friend, 2spark {because having a buddy when starting a new adventure is lot easier on the nerves}, and decided my super power IS helping people communicate {I believe that CC at If I only had superpowers first began using this line and now you can get your very own personalized tumbler HERE, as I saw on Instagram, which is already on my wish list}.  I do help people communicate with one speech and language building activity at a time!

So, this blog began as a way to introduce Sparklle, which at the time, 2spark and I were supervising graduate clinicians, piloting our Sparklle Program over the summer at a local university speech and hearing clinic.  Since then, my school-based SLP position has taken over, with my current placement of elementary K-5 and high school 9-12 students.  So, when I am SPeaking About Remarkable Kids Learning Language Everyday, they are just a bit bigger than my preschoolers of the past, which is one of the unique aspects of being a speech-language pathologist, the ability to help people of ALL ages communicate, and I truly wouldn't have it any other way!  It's funny how things don't end up taking the path you originally intended, but the result sometimes is more desirable.  With that being said, I feel accomplished when I upload all the thematic speech and language activities that are happening in my home speech room {mostly found through favorite blogs and TpT}, because they way I see it today, next year should be a couple of clicks, a download or so, some digging in my unorganized materials, a few copies and I'm ready for a week of therapy.

Here's a peek at my super speech afternoon week!  My #2 said she was not a superhero, she was a super reader, so we planned accordingly.  We worked on identifying numbers, lowercase letters, and sight words.  This week in speech, we will add our speech words to our masks, found here or check these FREEBIES out too!

These next two additions are from Jenn over at Crazy Speech World.  We found associations with Batman and Robin, another FREEBIE!

And totally speech-lifting her superhero cape idea she posted about HERE.  I have plans to add some pictures to these super capes for describing, sentence formulation, or some articulation picture cards from the many worksheets I have in my speech room.

  Here's my super reader!

Remember our first follower, the peachie speechie, and all her FREE materials on TpT?  Well, I sure do!  This week I will be using her Super Mario Inspired Speech Therapy Games.  Really, I was able to put this into most of the lesson plans this week.  She included conversation starters, articulation cards, adjectives, verbs, and comparisons, as well as a game board!  Can't wait!  CC shared her Green Lantern /l/ minimal pairs.  Super Hero Syntax and Superhero prepositions are also freebies on TpT.

Finally, my ONLY contribution of the week {remember I said a super power of mine must be finding all these wonderful SLPs}.  I created Super Power:  Open Ended Articulation.  You can download it for FREE over at my TpT store.

Super Power:  Open Ended Articulation

Looking forward to another fun week.  Now, off to get some rest, as I run my first 10K trail run in the morning!  Running is definitely NOT one of my super powers.

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