Carrier Phrases FREEBIE!

Do you have something in your speech room that you really can't live without?  This question, provided as a part of the Peachie Speechie's Super Mario Inspired Game FREEBIE, was posed to some little speech peeps today.

Thanks for this amazing product!

I am quite sure there are several items I can't live without in my speech room; however, this little box holds many of my must haves for speech.  Herein lies my date stamp, the infamous wait card {for those little ones that need a visual reminder to wait quietly for a turn}, my double dice, EET DIY beads, dice, /r/ and /s/ syllable strips, fluency strips, and the list goes on and on...  

 Then there is this one item, that has been around in its original plastic baggie from about 12 years ago, my carrier phrase strips.

Here is a very  worn "loved" item in my speech room.

This is how we used carrier phrases today, adding final consonant sounds in words following a carrier phrase.
Carrier phrases are phrases in which the first few words are constant and only the last word changes, in my case the final consonant stimulus word.  These phrases help to encourage longer utterances, offer repetition and provide multiple opportunities to practice targets without an additional cognitive task of having to generate ideas, which may detract from the drill.  For early readers, they also provide sight word practice {curriculum connection-Common Core}!

So, I decided, this I can't live without in my speech room material, needed an update!  Here are my new carrier phrases.

Sample phrases provided within the material and blank cards too!

You can grab some of your own carrier phrases for FREE in my TpT store.  Because I not only wanted  a larger set for throwing down some articulation cards in the blank box, I also wanted smaller strips to use with articulation word lists, I am also giving you this link to the PowerPoint document.  This will allow you to print within PowerPoint for smaller options {2 or 4 per page when printing slide handouts}.  I sure hope someone tries this and leaves a comment about a success or failure.  I've been dabbling in Google Drive and believe there will be problems with formatting if you have a different version of Powerpoint, as we do on our computers at school.

Is there something you can't live without in your speech room?  Does it need a little TLC?  I think I'll be digging into this area a bit more, giving some more materials a face lift!


  1. Thanks for the shout out! I am going to have to download your carrier phrases! I can't live without my Mighty Mouth! I love that thing! I also have a set of 4 mini mouths that I use a lot with the kiddos.

  2. Oh yes that mighty mouth is a gem. I have to look into the the minis. Sounds perfect for little hands that want to touch my mighty mouth!


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