Fall-Themed Speech Ideas

I love fall!  Okay, so summer is not too shabby either; however, I just love back to school time, the cooler {less humid} weather, fall food and fall activities.  Not to mention the fall speech and language themes!  I'll try to contain myself with Halloween just around the corner!

Here were some of my plans from last week and those being prepared for some more fall fun!

I found this fall leaf preposition FREEBIE over at TpT.  My kindergarteners had a blast hiding these leaves all over my room.  I'll think I'll be finding them for months to come!

Although I did not use this FREEBIE, I could have easily when we made our fall trees to review our social thinking vocabulary.  That Mia is super creative.

My 5th graders took turns defining these free fall idioms while practicing fluency facilitating techniques and self-monitoring speech sound errors.  Figurative language is a Common Core standard!

Keep the pronoun materials coming!  I have so many kids working on correct pronoun usage this year.  This FREEBIE allowed for many trials. 

One of my favorite children's books to use in therapy is The Little Old Lady Who Was Not Afraid of Anything by Linda Williams.

I first was introduced to this book in graduate school.  The students were engaged in acting out the story with props!  Since that sighting, I have tried to add this into my fall line-up.  I push myself onto a kindergarten class or any class for that matter.  While reading the book, I pass out my scarecrow props:  shoes {mine are fireman rain boots}, a shirt, pants, gloves, a hat, and one scary pumpkin head {a plastic trick-or-treat pumpkin container}.  My props are child-sized and after we sequence the story with pictures and our props a few times, we stuff our scarecrow and put him on display.  Here is the scarecrow my #2 and I made at home.

This year, I decided to make a book companion for this favorite read.  You can find it HERE in my TpT store.

The Little Old Lady Who Was Not Afraid of Anything Speech and Language Book Companion includes activities to target sequencing/story retell, defining and describing, regular past tense verbs, synonyms, and articulation of /l, r, s/ sounds in all positions of words and in blends all using vocabulary from the book.

Included in this book companion:
8 picture cards for sequencing/retelling or defining/describing
Sequencing events cue card
Defining and describing cue card
17 Synonym pairs cards
Synonym matching worksheet
Articulation word lists for /r, l, s/ sounds

14 regular past tense verb cards 
Regular past tense verb list
Past tense verb sentence mat

I plan to use the verb sentence mat by putting an old lady verb card in each middle box and then using a dry erase marker {laminated or within a sheet protector} to add words to the student's sentence.

Roll-a-die scarecrow reinforcement activity

My favorite part of the companion!  This was modeled after my favorite reinforcement activity, a spooky tree game, where each roll of the die earns you a spooky item for your tree.  My activity is a scarecrow, with the six parts from the story.  Each time a different number 1-6 is rolled, the student earns a part for his scarecrow.  This student can then place the items on the mat, like a puzzzle.  Can't wait, seriously!

I also created Fall into Directions awhile ago.  You can find it here in my TpT store.  This activity contains temporal and conditional following directions.  By the way, have you ever scoured through the multitude of parent friendly handouts from Super Duper?  HERE is just one that relates to following directions.  I have sent these handouts home to my kindergarten RtI groups or when I do centers to let parents know the importance of language development.

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