Handling Halloween in a Hurry!

How do you handle Halloween lesson planning in a hurry?  Head on over to TpT and find freebies!  Here are some hauntingly good materials.

Syntax:  Halloween Parts of Speech Sorting Fun, Halloween Grammar Pack

Language:  Wh QuestionsDefining and DescribingFigurative LanguageSynonymsFollowing DirectionsSequencing

Articulation:  Spooky Speech Word Lists, Mad Libs, Candy Corn

Social Skills:  What are They Thinking Lesson, Good Witch vs. Bad Witch

Open Ended:  Candy Corn Challenge

So maybe I should head over to Amazon to put in an order for laminate until our school laminator gets repaired!

How do you keep all those TpT materials organized?  Beside the plastic bags, file folders, sheet protectors, and manilla envelopes galore, I am using this Thematic Materials List.

Every time I download or create an activity, I record it on this list.  When it comes time to plan the week's lessons, I just refer to the sheet and swiftly jot down the activity related to the student's individual speech or language target.

I copied the pages front and back, chose a bright color, and then inserted into a sheet protector to keep at the front of each thematic section of materials.  I created 10 lines for materials under each section and added a column for the title of the material and a short description.  There is an additional column for any other notes.

You can grab this freebie HERE in pdf form or if you prefer to edit the form or type in your materials, choose THIS link.

In the meantime, I think I'll dive into the Halloween candy before I have to pass it out to the kids!  Reese's cups, a Hershey's bar, or a Kit Kat?  Who can choose just one?


  1. Wow, this is such an awesome list for freebies for Halloween! Just goes to show that us SLPs don't have to spend a fortune to get some great seasonal materials (thanks to the creative and talented TPTers who have created and shared these activities). Thank you for taking the time to compile and share this list!

    1. You got that right, therapy on a budget and some talented SLPs. I truly selfishly compile these lists, making my job easier! I am glad you found the list helpful too! I plan to keep searching for themes to come (I've got a good start on Thanksgiving)!


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