How we think socially!

If you have not yet been introduced to Michelle Garcia Winner's {MGW} Think Social!  A Social Thinking Curriculum for School-Age Students, you should check it out HERE.  She has so much to offer in the area of social skill development.  Our social thinking groups benefit greatly from her common language, both the students and staff members alike.  Even though we have been using this curriculum for a few years now, there is still so much to teach and reinforce.

Just recently, thanks to the help of the SLPs on Instagram and some of my favorite bloggers, here is how we have been thinking socially in our resource room.

Last week, we used Jenn's {Crazy Speech World} superhero cape idea to identify that "little problems or glitches" require little reactions with our younger group.  Our older group became super social heros as they learned how to "read other people's plans."  In reading the plans of others, we worked on thinking with our eyes and having thoughts about what other people are planning to do {MGW}.  These good guys read some unexpected plans!

This week, Practically Speeching helped us discuss "smart guesses" or those that use critical thinking skills with her Smartboard Thought Bubble Strategy.  We use "thinking" vs. "saying" for many impulsive thoughts, so this activity helped our students visualize the thought bubble and speaking bubble.  Not only using our thought bubble to help us avoid shout outs {literally}, but also to help us develop those critical thinking skills.

We also reviewed our first section vocabulary and learned 3 parts to play {MGW} by making thumbprint fall trees.  We had to set up, thumbprint paint, and clean up in our short time as well as make a smart guess about what we thought with our eyes about the paint and paper plates during set up.

Check out this post by Jenna at Speech Room News as she talks about rock brain.  We used play-dough {for our flexible brain} and rocks from our courtyard {for our rock brains} last year to discuss this topic in a hands on way, but just see HERE how adding some google eyes makes a rock brain more fun!  I can't wait for this!

Our social thinking bulletin board is a work in progress, thanks to a very creative educational assistant, but for now, a sneak peak into our bucket {remember how I have been collecting pretzel buckets and HERE how I used the first one}.  We are creating some visual icons and "I can" strips for quick reinforcement of our target skills and common language.

I sure hope your brain was in the group during this post!  Any other ideas you have for using MGW's curriculum?

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