Halloween Poppers

I literally have been on the Halloween theme for weeks {and plan to continue even a bit after the big day}.  So, I bought these little poppers at Target the weekend before last thinking I could use them in therapy.

I thought maybe I could have students push one down and see how many articulation words they could say before it popped.  Okay, so on my first attempt it popped right away.  Then I added a bit of water before pushing it down and well, it never popped.  I had to pry it apart.  I mean, why not try them in therapy, not every idea is a good one.  It was then up to the students, a very special group of 7 year olds.  Those creepers were popping all over my room.  10, 15, 20 practices later, motivation was still high!  So there you have it.  I'll be looking for more of these poppers in different costumes!


  1. I love poppers! My target doesn't have those spider poppers but I am hoping they will get some more in soon. Maybe turkey poppers for thanksgiving?!

    1. Oh it's been fun and chaotic. Anything for trials!


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