It's a bit Spookley in here!

Okay, so again thePeachieSpeechie has inspired me with her freebies, this time Spookley Inspired Activities.  So, I decided to jump on the Spookley bandwagon on TpT.  My students LOVED hanging out with Spookley.

My #2 brought this wooden Spookley craftivity home today from preschool!  Adorable!

Check out my added Spookley Language Activities Mini Book Companion FREEBIE.  I added some comprehension questions, regular plural nouns, and regular verbs.  The choice of language activities were inspired by two of my groups working on sequencing, retelling, answering 'wh' questions, and adding endings to regular plurals and regular past tense verbs.  There are a few blank pumpkins too.

I hope your therapy sessions have been a bit Spookley lately!

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