Knock Knock. Who's there?

This was my Monday morning dose of commedy when working with some students today.  Our goals focus on functional communication and overall speech intelligibility during conversational exchange.  A very smart SLP {thanks S} brought her conversation sequence icons into one of the classrooms I visit.  Within the sequence is a spot for telling a joke.  Obviously it was a hit and this communication stroke of genius carried over all the way from a Thursday to a Monday!  Woot woot!

Part of a conversation sequence created by a very talented SLP.

Not having any jokes at my quick disposal, I quickly Googled kid friendly knock knock jokes on the iPad.  The last half of our session included motivated students taking turns in conversations, asking and answering questions, using eye contact, clearly communicating with effective volume and rate, as well as including correct speech sounds!

Our speaking clearly targets.  {Source unknown.}

What more could this SLP ask for?  More knock-knock jokes maybe!  So, here are a few sites to help you with your next functional communication session {none of which were blocked by our educational search engine barriers}!

Enchanted Learning

Later in the day, I brought these knock-knock jokes into a fluency therapy session.  Just like with the speaking clearly targets, I kept our fluency strip of strategies close by during the reciting of jokes.  Another motivated student!

Here's my favorite joke of the day.  

Knock Knock.
Who's there?
Kook who?
Don't call me cuckoo.

Have you ever used knock-knock jokes in therapy?  I'd love to hear about your successes.  

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