Love It and List It: Language Apps

It's another Love It and List It Linky post over at Speech Room News and I'm in!   You may already know how I feel about lists {positively obsessed in a happy place kinda way}.  This time it's language apps!

Here is my list!  Love It and List It:  Language Apps

  • Category Carousel:

This app by Synapse Apps, LLC is a categorization dream.  You can select the categories you want to practice, they appear at the top of the screen and loads of photos are brought up for sorting.  Students just push the photo into the correct category {it even has subcategories for some}.  Since photos are used, this app can be used for a variety of age levels.
  • The Opposites

This app by Mindshapes was a great freebie find.  My students ask for it over and over again.  These twins, the opposites, challenge each other by sending words onto the screen for students to select the opposite/antonym pairs.  It gets more challenging as the student clears the screen by choosing pairs quickly and correctly.  Although there is audio of each word as it is presented for help with reading, it does go quickly.  This is a great quick drill or reinforcement at the end of a session or while waiting for a turn.
  • ABA Flashcards, Receptive Identification, & Problem Solving

I was able to snag all my apps for free, but I see they are a nominal price now.  The photos are beautiful and large, with defining characteristics listed as well as an audio description, presented slowly and with an appealing voice.  The ABA flashcards come in various categories { vehicles, animals, food, places...and many more}.  I use this app for defining, great with EET, as well as for articulation in reading and when practicing fluency facilitating techniques.  Additionally from, What Does Not Belong, is a frequently used app.  I love the four big photo choices to scan when deciding on the exclusionary item.

  • Speech with Milo:  Verbs

This Doonan Speech Therapy App is a winner.  Okay, so Milo does tend to get you feeling a bit punchy if you use this app often, as his high pitched peppy voice may make some turn away.  The younger kids love him!  Verbs are presented with Milo completing an action.  Students create their own sentence to tell what Milo is doing.  He takes a break for cheese every so often, perfect time to switch turns in group therapy.

Super Duper StoryMaker

There is a free version, in which you can't save stories, but it works until you can grab the full version on sale.  I like that students can create their own stories or use the pictures included to aid in story making.  I often use it when retelling.  Students can quickly draw their sketches of the story retell and then record their own voice when formulating sentences.  They love hearing their retell recorded.

  • Story Dice

This app by Thinkamingo is very versatile.  I actually get the most use out of it while working at the structured speech level for articulation carryover.  I've used it for multisyllabic word practice in sentences and of course what it is designed to accomplish, storytelling!  An excellent expressive language tool and I was able to get it free.  

Do you share any of my favorites?  I'm always on the hunt for new apps, especially those that are free.  I regularly check Apps Gone Free by to see if any can be used in speech language therapy.  Thank you again Speech Room News.  Now, off to reading more lists of language apps.


  1. I LOVE story dice too! Did you download the 'spooky dice' that was free for halloween? Thanks for linking up!

    1. I didn't see the "spooky dice" and I will be totally bummed if I missed the freebie. Thanks for hosting. I love linky parties!

  2. The ABA apps & the Milo apps are very good, aren't they? Category Carousel looks like a good one, too.

    1. Totally agree. The ABA apps were my first ones and free was fabulous. I own most of the Milo apps, keep track of when they go on sale! He's quite a mouse!

  3. I love the apps. I think they are generally free in April for Autism Awareness month


    1. You are absolutely correct! I am so glad you mentioned that! Great apps, even better free. Thank you.


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