There ain't no beans about it!

As I've grown through my meal planning {5dinners1hour still going strong}, there are some meals I just am not able to get myself to prepare.  Usually it's the complete vegetarian meals in which I turn my nose upward.  I have gone as far as buying the loads of vegetables and sometimes they just don't make it into the recipe.  These great northern beans were on the top of the "not having it for dinner" list.  I actually did not even know they existed until the shopping list called for them.  So, if I'm not going to eat them, they what's to become of them?

As you can see, they are no longer in this plastic bag.  Here is their new home.  I knew these dollar store zipper pouches would come in handy.

One bag of beans filled five zipper pouches.  Onto the DIY part.  I started writing articulation words on the beans.  This is my /s/ bag being created.

I'll be spending many hours on this DIY.  The beans are extremely small, which led me to add another turn in the project.  I'll be gathering some magnifying glasses to use with these bags {maybe they will only be needed for my eyes until I get those bifocals}.  Students can search and find words with their sound.

Let's just hope the beans stay put in their bag or my custodians are going to get a little crabby with me!

Do you think you would make these bean bags of sounds for your speech room?  Maybe you would rather eat them?  How about a catchy name for this DIY?  I'm still waiting for the perfect label to affix itself.


  1. LOVE the idea to use magnifying glasses!!!!!!!!!!! I would love to do this...I just don't know that I have the patience for writing on tiny beans!

    1. I believe this DIY will take me quite a long time to finish. The /s/ bag can be used now, but who knows when I will even start the others. Thanks for the comment. Still looking for those magnifying glasses for a discount price!


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