Apps, Apps, and More Apps!

Well, yes, this post is about apps for the wonderful world of speech language pathology.  The SLPs in our district are grateful to have our very own iPads for use within therapy sessions.  Our district selected a group of educators to participate in technology training, which included a great deal of training and allowed the participants to gain a district iPad, during this past school year.  This practice was again continued, allowing even more the opportunity this year.  The only obstacle was funding for apps, which until this time prevented us from app downloads, with the exception of personal purchases.  Lots of time has been spent scouring free apps, as well as looking daily at Apps Gone Free, and then of course using personal funds for must have app purchases {and I was lucky to gain a great donation from my parent teacher organization}.  We did learn how to use our iPad for other purposes too, but isn't is about the apps, really?!

So Apple initiated their Volume Purchase Program.  This program was initially geared toward volume purchasing with significant discounts {50% off for 20 or more purchases per app}; however, they added a program for purchasing vouchers for single app downloads as well.  There is not a discount {in which I am aware at this time}, but it allows the district to buy, manage, and distribute content, even for a single app purchases.  The district retains ownership and can assign and reassign as necessary.  A win for our department, with specialized and diverse app needs!

The task of purchasing our apps for distribution is in the works and our department couldn't be more excited about the day of downloading {retrieving from our mobile device management system}!  We took advantage of many app sales for ASHA week, too!  Now, I don't know about your computer services department, but I truly believe there is a set criteria of personality characteristics that one must have to even be offered an interview for these positions in school settings.  For we are not the most patient bunch of professionals.  Lucky for us, our wonderful technology guys have more than enough patience to go around!

Without further delay, here our are app purchases {we have a pretty large department of SLPs}!

Apraxia Rainbow Bee (Virtual Speech Center)
Articulate It (Smarty Ears)
Articulation Scenes (Smarty Ears)
Auditory Workout (Virtual Speech Center)
Between the Lines 1 (Hamaguchi Apps)
Between the Lines 2 (hamaguchi Apps)
Between the Lines Advanced (Hamaguchi Apps)
Conversation Builder Deluxe (Mobile Education)
Conversation Builder Teen (Mobile Education)
Conversation TherAppy (Tactus Therapy Solutions)
Fun with Directions (Hamaguchi Apps)
I Dare You Articulation (Erik X. Raj Education)
Multiple Choice Artic (Erik X. Raj Education)
My First AAC (Injini)
My First Prepositions (Visual Edvantage Education)
Open Ended Articulation (Erik X. Raj)
Practicing Pragmatics Fun Deck (Super Duper)
Preposition Remix (Smarty Ears)
Pronoun Fill in Super Fun Deck (Super Duper)
Regular Past Tense Verbs Fun Deck (Super Duper)
Sentence Builder Teen (Mobile Education Store LLC)
Social Skill Builder Full (Social Skill Builder, Inc.)
Sort This Out Pack (Therapy Box Limited)
Speech Box (Jonah Bonah Learning Co)
Word Vault (

I can't wait to use my purchases!  Here are a few links to those I will soon try and hopefully offer a review.

I Dare You Articulation (Erik X. Raj Education)

Open Ended Articulation (Erik X. Raj)

Conversation TherAppy (Tactus Therapy Solutions)

It's looking like early Christmas around our speech department.

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