Love it & List it! Articulation Apps

If I would have been paying attention to the 3rd Friday of the month, I would have known it was Jenna's linky time.  I just posted about apps and here I am again.  I am glad though, as it gives me a chance to organize those articulation apps!


Herein lies my list!

I Dare You Articulation (Erik X. Raj)

Okay, so I really haven't even used it yet, but I am so anxious that I know a special group of 2nd grade boys will just LOVE it!  Lunch/speech time will be a blast very soon {although it usually already ranks high in the super fun department}!

Speech with Milo Articulation Game board

It's grand.  Articulation practice and a game board in one, really?  Need I say more.  Oh, and it's pretty reasonably priced too!

Pocket Pairs (Synapse Apps)

Awesome minimal pairs practice for phonology, both receptive and expressive settings.  I use this app frequently!

Pocket Artic (Synapse Apps)

This was my first ever speech app purchase {personal funds on my ancient iPhone} and I still love this app.  Record and play back, data collection {correct, approximate, needs practice choices}, and multiple positions in words as well as levels!  And I see that it is only $4.99 right now {I paid $29.99 years ago}.

Story Dice

This was featured in my language apps too!  I fortunately snagged it for free, but I would pay money for it.  Just roll the dice and you've got a great structured activity for targeting just about any speech or language skill!

That's it for now!  Love these linky parties.  Thanks Jenna for hosting.  Please head back over to the original post for more articulation apps!

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