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Link it up SLPs!  Jenn, over at Crazy Speech World, posted a linky party about CARRYOVER!  A very challenging word in my opinion.  Enter weakness #1.  So, you are not going to find anything here  in my post to enlighten you.   However, as I am completely comfortable with my weaknesses, why not start your search HERE at home base and find out some very awesome strategies and supports for CARRYOVER!

{Crazy Speech World}

Since, I've got nothing {and no brain power or energy to offer ideas}, I'll share the ideas of two others that I have used.  Speaking of Speech has a wealth of resources for SLPs.  Check out this one by Janine.  I love this self-monitoring data sheet for articulation.  My students can tally their "correct" and "needs practice"productions and then do the math to figure a percentage!

The other genius idea, by a very dear SLP {L}, is a silly sentences arrangement on a desk strip.  Each silly sentence has a funny picture {I'm not sure of the resource she used.} and the target sound in the initial, medial, and final positions separately.  These were set up with the three sentences across a strip horizontally.  She copied the strips on colored card stock and had them ready for grab and go carryover.  I am just getting ready to put a few strips on desks for some of my intervention kiddos that are ready for some practice time away from me!  This superstar SLP {L again} would also tell the students that she would give each of them her picture to carry around as a reminder to use their best speech sounds.  Just imagine that!

So, if you give a SLP a carryover idea, she is likely to create her own adaptation...

I just remembered that last year I sent L's sentence strips home for summer practice and asked students to put them on the fridge as a reminder to make their best productions.  Which brings me to my Refrigerator List carryover activity {just pulled it out of the vault in my foggy brain as I sit here cuddling with two sick little girls}.  Each time a break approaches {Winter, Spring, Summer}, I make an effort to send home a refrigerator list with my students.  Super simple sheet of paper with target articulation words that we write down in a therapy session.  The rule is that this sheet goes on the refrigerator and each time the student passes by or opens the fridge, he must practice the words on the list!  So, here you go, my only last minute, cob webbed contribution!  And since I have many more weaknesses (#2 is finding documents I have created in one of the many folders on my home computer and school network}, I just crafted up a new one {so now I can find it here}!

Thanks Jenn for hosting Carryover S.O.S.


  1. Love your Refrigerator List! That's a great idea! Thanks for linking up :)

    1. Why thank you for hosting. I learned so many fabulous ideas! SLPs are incredible. I love your bookmarks, my 4th graders that come to therapy during silent reading time do too!


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