Helping People Communicate: One Speech and Language Activity at a Time!

So, to kick-off November, with an overall theme of thanks, giving, community, helping {okay, so it's broad, but associated, right?}, I am starting the month with some community helpers!  Here are a few freebies I found when lesson planning this weekend.





Community Helpers Vocabulary List & Definitions {and much more}

Here is my newest product in my TpT Store, Community Helpers:  Speech and Language Unit.  I created this unit to cover a wide range of goals for students on my caseload.  Each target is themed with a different community helper:

(Doctor) Time to Check Up on Details:  Listening for details in sentences.
(Chef) Cooking Up Good Speech:  Open-ended articulation cards.
(Firefighter) Put Out Analogies:  Complete the analogy cards.
(Garbage Collector) Trash or Treasure What Doesn’t Belong:  Choose what doesn’t belong from a group of 4.
(Police Officer) Follow the Law with Directions:  3-step direction cards.
(Crossing Guard) Cross into Comparisons:  Identify similarities and differences among the two items.
(Nurse) Taking Care of Conversations:  Conversation starters.
(Mail Carrier) Delivering Up Regular Verbs:  Regular verb cards for sentence formulation.
(Construction Worker) Construct a Sentence Irregular Verbs:  Irregular verb cards for sentence formulation.
(Teacher) Teach Me Familiar Sequences:  Everyday routines for sequencing events.
(Farmer) Reap What You Sow Expected & Unexpected Behaviors:  Expected and unexpected behavior scenarios in the community.

Time to Check-Up on Details
Cooking up good speech!  Open ended articulation game.
Game cards, four of each community helper and two blank to add your own.
Construct a Sentence with Irregular Verbs
Reap What You Sow Expected & Unexpected Behaviors in the Community

How to use:  Cards can be cut and laminated or kept as a whole page in a sheet protector and used for drill activities during speech and language sessions.  Game cards (four of each helper) can be cut, laminated and used together to provide reinforcement in a fun way!

Bonus:  12 different community helper cards to practice subjective:  he, she; objective:  her, him; possessive:  his, hers pronouns.  Cards can be used to describe what each helper does, targeting present tense –s verbs as well as possessive ‘s for what belongs to each helper.
An open-ended token board is provided (two copies).  Print extra copies for each student in the group.  Use with bingo chips and dice to see who can fill up the board first.

Pronoun cards
Open Ended Token Board

I would like to give away a copy of Community Helpers:  Speech and Language Unit in hopes to gain feedback on my product.  Please comment on this post and let me know how you incorporate a community helpers theme into your therapy.  I will choose one winner and send a copy of this product. Please don't forget to include your e-mail!

And now for a little Pinspiration...badges!  I just did a quick community helpers craft search and stumbled upon badge craftivities!  Check out this template HERE from Early Childhood Fun.  I just scaled it at 135% when printing and it fit an 8 1/2 x 11 sheet of paper.  I plan to use this as a template to cut out the construction paper.

We will see where this craft activity will take us, maybe adding some social thinking vocabulary and of course articulation words!

Helping people communicate, one speech and language activity at a time!

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