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At this time of year, many little angels are creating Christmas lists in hopes that a jolly old fellow will bring them a super special gift.  I love creating lists, so really no problem anyway, but how fun is it to look through catalogs to find that special item?  Well, that's just what I've been doing.  Creating my TpT Wish List in time for the Cyber Monday {and Tuesday} sale!  Now, my mother always taught me that you can't spend what you don't have or in this case make, so I am hopeful that a few dollars come my way to offset the big spending that I wish to do!  Here's my list.  My strategy is to choose items from my list that are higher in price, as the discount would be greater, and if I am going to make a big purchase, I am all about the sale!

Thanks to Jenna at Speech Room News, we will get to see many wish lists, of course to make ours even bigger!

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Here comes my list!

Articulation for Reading and Conversation

 I have been obsessing over this product for quite some time now.  Nicole wrote all these stories herself and I know my students would make so much more progress at the carryover level if I had this material within my lesson plans!

Magical Social Skills
 Okay, so seriously, is CC the coolest SLP ever?  I just love her blog and her very thorough products.  My social skills groups have benefited so much from TpT and fellow SLP bloggers this year and I don't want that progress to end!

 Spring IEP writing {90% of my elementary caseload will be due for review at this time of year} will have new found purpose, aligning with the Common Core!  I must purchase, otherwise this blog will not see a post in March, April, or May!

Winter Receptive Language
Since I am already starting to brainstorm my winter activities {plus I am done planning for the holidays, Whoot!  Whoot!}, I am thinking this is a must have for receptive language targets.  I try really hard to scour TpT before I start to create a new material of my own.  This one is perfect for my caseload!

Okay, so I hope you have your wish list ready.  Let's support those TpT SLPs.  There are some veterans and some newbies.  What a wonderful profession!

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