Shop 'til you drop!

With Black Friday literally only hours away with the these early starts {believe me when I say, I am a shopper and did enjoy shopping all night last year on Thanksgiving night; however, starting at 5 pm or earlier, now that's a bit of a stretch...10 pm works for me}!  I've adapted this Google Docs Christmas gift spreadsheet to make sure I am prepared for what I should buy and not what I want to buy!  The ads are ready for me at my mother-in-law's house and I will wait until the tryptophan from the turkey has about wiped me out before searching the sales {shopping thoughts will energize me}.

I'll also be taking advantage of the sales online too!  Cyber Monday I'll be in my jammies searching the sales {we are fortunate to have Monday off, working yesterday is always totally worth it}.  If you also want to take advantage of Cyber Monday {and Tuesday} for some really great deals on therapy materials, head on over to TpT.  My TpT store will be 28% off.  So why not take advantage of getting a jump on holiday planning.  Make your wish list now and enter CYBER at checkout on Monday or Tuesday.

Here are my two newest additions for purchase, just in time for the holidays.

Merry Christmas Stinky Face Speech and Language Book Companion

Here are two FREEBIES as well!

Enjoy your shopping experience!


  1. I love your spreadsheets! Have fun!

  2. I knew you would! This time, I got smart and decided to see if someone already created one for Xmas shopping. My Disney spreadsheets have traveled around to others a lot lately!


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