Gingerbread-Themed Speech Therapy

Dear Aunt B,
If you are reading {likely not, as she has no idea that I started a blog, and she's busy watching her first grandchild in retirement}, I will not be at the Christmas party this year {first one missed in as many years as I can recall}, but I surely hope that a big bag of your famous gingerbread cookies will be packaged for me and sent with a nearby relative.  Thanks for the consideration!
your gingerbread and rainbow cookie {spring-time favorite cookie} obsessing niece

Who needs more inspiration than that?  It's no secret that I will eat or hoard all the gingerbread cookies at the family Christmas party, so I sure hope nobody else decides to take my place this year.  So in honor of Aunt B, I created a Gingerbread Speech and Language Unit to help me get through!

Hot off the press, I just added a few extras {it was done and uploaded already}, as I was planning my weekly lessons and discovered a few groups were not able to benefit from the gingerbread theme as it was.  Now, My Gingerbread Speech and Language Unit, found in my TpT store, includes the following:

23 noun cards with Gingerbread themed vocabulary
15 verb cards with Gingerbread themed vocabulary
15 analogy cards with Gingerbread themed vocabulary
Open-ended points game cards (cut and laminate to use as a reinforcement game for any therapy target)
Conjunction cards (coordinating & subordinating)
Pronoun mat (for use with subjective, objective, and possessive pronouns)
Verb mat (yesterday, today, tomorrow)
Defining & Describing Mat (use with noun cards to assist with defining vocabulary)
Vocabulary/articulation word list (46 words)

Here are a few sample pages from the unit.

I have included an open ended articulation Gingerbread Speech worksheet that you can grab HERE for FREE.  The unit also includes a regular verbs worksheet and conjunctions worksheet.  And the entire unit also comes in black and white!  I copied my set on green paper using the black and white pages to save a bit on colored ink.

Here are a few other free materials I found and will be using this week!

Gingerbread Synonyms

A build a gingerbread man game!

Irregular Plural Pops

Now, if I could just get those cookies!


  1. MMmmmm I love gingerbread! This is adorable!

    1. Why thanks! I might have to make my own cookies this year (or buy some)!


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