Merry Christmas Stinky Face Book Companion

Last week I enjoyed reading Merry Christmas Stinky Face by Lisa McCourt to many of my speech and language groups.  I love the original I Love You Stinky Face and have been reading it my littles at home for years.  This holiday version tells the story of a very inquisitive boy showing a little anxiety about Christmas.  His ever so patient mother {aren't we all} answers all of his questions and helps him along the way to ease those big feelings.  The illustrations are incredible the boy's imagination is chuckle worthy, but most of all it's a heartwarming read, as his mother reminds us to slow down and cherish the many questions.

I've created activities to accompany this book, targeting a variety of speech and language as well as literacy objectives.  I used this book with kindergarten through fourth grade {it actually worked better for the older students than I thought}.

Merry Christmas Stinky Face Speech and Language Book Companion is available in my TpT store and includes the following to support the book:

Comprehension questions list and cards (pg. 3-4)

Sequencing events list and cards (pg. 5-7)

SWBST (somebody, wanted, but, so, then) summarizing chart (pg. 8)
{My very own third grader is loving this strategy.  We have applied it to Charlotte's Web, the Kingdom Keepers series, and even snippets of Diary of a Wimpy Kid!}

Describing characters chart (pg. 9)

Story specific associations list and cards (pg. 10-12)

Describing story words chart and word cards with pictures (pg. 13-16)

Articulation /k/ word list and cards (pg. 17-22)

Articulation /s, l, r/ word lists (pg. 23-25)

Barrier following directions activity (pg. 26-27)

Pronoun mat (pg. 28)

Verb tense mat (yesterday, today, tomorrow) (pg. 29)
Regular verb cards (pg. 30-32)
Irregular verb cards (pg, 33-35)

Token/Roll & Cover boards (pg. 36-39)

Sequencing Open Ended Worksheet (pg. 40)

 Light it Up! Open Ended Articulation (pg. 41)

Light it Up! Open Ended Articulation is available as a FREEBIE as well.

I still continue to think of new ways to tweak the products I am creating, so please offer any feedback that you can.  My first idea is often not my best, but I'm persistent!

I am not affiliated with this book. The book, Merry Christmas Stinky Face by Lisa McCourt, is required to utilize this product.

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