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'Tis the season for holiday parties!  By golly, I've been known to party hop all over the elementary school parties at this time of year {or log hearing screening results on health files to make sure they are completed in December during holiday parties}.  I think it's a good 50/50 balance on whether teachers enjoy classroom parties or dread the festivities.  So much goes into planning and then keeping behavior under control.

As a parent volunteer as well as a wife of a frequent parent volunteer {yes, my husband best dad ever, often shows up for holiday parties as well as field trips}, I have dabbled in planning or assisting with classroom parties.  It's a bit intimidating being on the other end as a parent, not the educator.  What does the teacher prefer/tolerate/hope for, what about the other parent volunteers' ideas/wishes/experience.

So, I used my resources {Pinterest and blogs, of course} and found a few ideas for my son's 3rd grade classroom holiday party.

Here is a picture of the chaos all ready to go...

I love Minute to Win It games {I used these when I coached high school cheerleaders and still have the best memories of these mini competitions}.  Here are few I found.

Snowball Toss:  With a partner, toss mini marshmallows into a cup.

Snowman Stack:  Using mini marshmallows, each player attempts to stack snowmen.

Shovel the Snow:  Using a straw, each player tries to suck up marshmallows to place in a cup.

For the organization, within each zipped bag {1 for each group of students; 5-6 in a group} I included:

1 small zipped bag of peppermint mini marshmallows
2 small zipped bags of mini marshmallows
6 straws
6 red plastic cups

Next up some Christmas Tree and Snowman wraps {we did mummy wraps for my son's Indiana Jones 6th Birthday party}.  The plan is to see which group of students can finish their wrap first by including all the parts!

Here is what I packaged in each zipped bag.

1 medium sized roll of crepe paper
1 roll of clear tape
3 paper ornaments, 1 length of ribbon, and 1 party hat for each Christmas Tree bag
3 paper buttons, 1 carrot nose, and 1 party hat for each Snowman bag

I grabbed some dollar store/spot school supplies to put in treat bags for winners {of course I made one for each kid, because 'Tis the season for giving}.

I found some Skittles filled candy canes for a guessing game.  I surely will be counting each piece {I bought an extra for home snacking} before the party.

My final contribution is a collection of props for a photo booth activity {found at Target, but surely you can make your own}.  I love picture memories, so I am hoping for a few goodies.  I even brought these into my speech room earlier this week.  Fun times with requesting props and saying "cheese" {insert artic sound in isolation or at the word level for each snapshot}.  A speech language pathologist never stops targeting communication!

I did not use this next idea, but thought it was super easy and cute.  Start with a box of hot chocolate packets.  Pass the box around while playing the hot chocolate song from Polar Express.  Stop the music and let a student pick out a packet.  This would work great if you had time to actually make the hot chocolate afterward!

Finally, if you need a quick idea, ready to go, check out this Elf Hunt FREEBIE on TpT.  Hide the elves around the classroom and let the students find each little guy.  I'm pretty sure I'll be bringing this into my speech room next year for following directions and basic concept development!

To round off our party, another parent is bringing a craft and some holiday word searches.  Our PTA provides the food and drink through collection of a fee at the beginning of the year, so we are all set there.  What do you think?  Would this be fun for an 8 year old, how about the teacher?


  1. It will rock, you are an awesome parent/volunteer/teacher! Hope it goes well!

    1. You are the best friend ever, seriously! Thanks so much!


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