Sparklle SLP 2013: A Year in Review

Now here's a little story, I've got to tell, about a new SLP blogger, you're getting to know so well.  It started way back on July 17, with an impulse, pixie dust and me, 1sparklleslp.  I began a little blog named Sparklle SLP.  Just me and my macbook and the blogosphere.  

Yes, I just busted out some Beastie Boys Paul Revere.  It's a stretch, but try reading it again with a little rhythm {sorry, it's late and my husband is sleeping, because he would totally have better lyrics}.

So a little under six months and I am loving this new obsession.  I seriously have learned so much from SLP bloggers.  Although I hope to learn a great deal more about blogging when school is out again {like how to actually get my button to work}, I truly feel this blog has made me a better SLP, both in planning more engaging lessons and in using best practices. 

Oh and you might know I LOVE linking up whenever I can!  You can check out My First Link Up.  Which leads me into another very noteworthy event in 2013, my first meet up with an SLP blogger!  All Y'all Need hosted the linky and then left me a super sweet comment after I got all giddy about a comment.  Then there was this teeny tiny Disney addiction connection.  I may have gone to Disneyworld five times in 2013 {freak}.  After following, liking, and commenting through Instagram {another noteworthy first in 2013}, we were actually at the Magic Kingdom on the same day, so we connected for a brief moment in front of Casey's Corner.  SLPs are one of a kind and I am so grateful for the meet up!  

After stalking TpT for over a year, I finally learned how to create my own materials.  PowerPoint and I are besties now and I am truly grateful for My Cute Graphics.  The use of these graphics has allowed me to begin creating materials without breaking the bank on another impulse.  Just read her terms of use and you will see a true gracious and giving woman {"teachers are the cornerstone of our society" she states}!  You can view my products and many freebies in my TpT store.  I recently reached over 100 followers.  Holy moly, really, you all just make my heart smile!

2013 has included some firsts, with room needed on my full plate to add this little blog and social media addition.  Nonetheless, keeping the amount of time manageable, I am looking forward to continuing into the new year.  I'm currently working on some exciting New Year's Resolution posts {maybe a series}, a new freebie material, and a Frozen winter themed speech and language packet.  It's a good fit!



  1. So glad you joined the blogging world, and it was a highlight to meet you! I hope you had a great trip with your wonderful family! I'm looking forward to your new stuff, especially the Frozen unit!

    1. Thanks so much! Our meet up was grand and our trip fabulous! From all your instagram pics, it looked like you enjoyed your time as well. I've got to get motivated now to work on some materials and get back into school mode!


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