100th day of SPEECH!

At least for SLPs in the schools, we will be marking our 100th day of speech oh anytime in January or February.  Day in and day out administering, analyzing, diagnosing, creating, drilling, reinforcing, researching, writing, blogging, printing, cutting, talking, supporting...all for those wonderful little buggers that make our "job" a passion.  So, just to keep making sure we are always headed for carryover, here is a freebie to assist in the endeavor!

100th day FREEBIE!

Enjoy your day!  You deserve it for all you do for every speech student that walks into your therapy room!  Here are a few other freebies from generous TpT sellers that will help make your day special AND productive!

If I were 100, fill in the blank story

100th Day Articulation from Teach Speech 365

100th day coloring (can also be used for reinforcement targeting 100 articulation practices)

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