Frozen in Ohio

Okay, so actually the thaw has happened {we even have a street completely under water just down by the river, luckily my basement has not yet been again affected}, but frigid temps kept us out of school and in our home for several days.  Since I've been obsessing over following many SLPs on instagram, it just so happens that many of the nation was experiencing the same weather, all the way down to Georgia and over to Texas!  Yesterday I went out in 30 degree weather and thought I should be wearing shorts!

Okay, so I'm blabbing on.  The point is, with frigid temps and the never ending youtube playings of Disney's Frozen "Let It Go" and "Do You Want to Build a Snowman" in my house {okay, so I'm really not minding at all}, I just had to create my own Frozen Speech and Language Winter Themed Activities.  You can find this new material in my TpT store {and look for a giveaway at the end of this post}.

Build you own 3-part snowman sequence and then plop the hat on it's head.  {7 sequences and 1 blank snowman in all}

Compare and contrast winter themed words with these cute little snow girl graphics {totally smitten with them}!  {15 pairs in all with a cover card}

An articulation word list for /s, l, r/ sounds in all positions of words.  I am excited to use this with my students as the vocabulary is rich and will spark some great discussions!

And this is where it all started, way back in November when this product was born.  I received a new student working on temporal directions.  I really don't have a great deal of materials on this area, so I decided to create my own.  Each row of snowflakes {8 in all} contains 2 temporal and 2 conditional directions.  You can create even more for additional practice!

Carryover, fluency, conversations, 'wh' questions...this next part will be my go to activity. {16 questions in all}  

This is my newest addition to a material.  This Topic Talk activity is designed to practice conversational elements, like bounce backs {asking the same question that was asked back to the person}, asking questions, adding comments, rephrasing what someone has said to show good listening, and switching a topic with a smooth transition.  I also added a blank board to design your own "elements."

You can never have enough vocabulary activities {at least I can't}!  The next set of pages includes 15 multiple meaning words and 15 synonyms pairs for matching.

Okay, so for my friends that asked for me to add pictures to my word cards {maybe a summer task for previous materials I have created}, here are a few that target has/have and pronouns. {8 vocabulary targets, with 8 of each pronoun in 24 cards}  I also included a homework sheet as I find myself working on these targets until I'm plum tuckered out and carryover is just not happening in my speech room.

Whoot, whoot, the reinforcement activity {no it's not a game, it's reinforcement for the great work being done in speech}!  Cut each FROZEN game board as a whole and each letter tile individually.  Students pick a letter and place it on their board.  First person to spell FROZEN wins nothing.

Here is a variation of my open-ended articulation worksheets.  I really love how this turned out!

Finally, time is well spent on comparing and contrasting characters.  If you've had the privilege of watching the Disney movie or reading the book {likely at least 50 times here}, go ahead and compare princesses.  If not, compare and contrast any characters.  I've also included a graphic organizer to compare from beginning to end of a story.

I'm so super excited to get this product prepped.  Luckily for me, it will stay cold for quite some time here in O-H-I-O!

So, here is the giveaway.  I don't have any of those fancy rafflecopters, but I am totally digging instagram.  I'm going to post this on instagram.  When I do, the first 2 people to respond both on instagram and comment on my blog, leaving an e-mail address in at least one location will win a free copy.  I am totally in need of feedback!

This product is no longer available in my TPT store.


  1. Great Looking Activities!! Would Love To Try!! I Follow You On instagram With Achesick :)

    1. Awesome! Thank you! I'll send it your way! If you have any feedback after using it, I'd love to hear what to improve!

  2. This is an awesome packet that covers a lot of different goals. Love the winter theme. I live in AZ so my students don't get to enjoy cold temps and snow!
    Susan D.

  3. I love the little girl! I am not competing for your freebie, obviously, but just letting you know I am enjoying your creativity and fun organization! Nice job! (and bite your tongue with more cold to come) ;)

    1. You are like the best fan ever! Too bad I think it's a bit high level for your babies:) The fact that you are now lesson planning makes me think we need to get together soon to see about changes to your job!

  4. Do you want to build a snowman?! Do you want to build a snowman?!

    1. ...or ride your bike around the hall?! I just love the songs and the movie!! I want to see it again and again!


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