It's snowing in the speech room!

It sure won't stop snowing outside, so why not let it snow in the speech room?  How about a snowball fight even?  I remembered what a grand time my kiddos had when they hid leaves all over the speech room while working on basic concepts.  So why not let it snow all over the speech room?  And then have a snowball fight?  Sounds like a lot of fun to me!

I created a product to accomplish this snowflake adventure.  You can find  Snowflake Following Directions PLUS in my TpT store.  I created snowflakes with "hit" or "miss"to use as reinforcement alone after practicing a target skill or within a following directions activity.  There is a tally sheet to record accurate "aim" for a little more fun.  To use the snowflakes to target following directions, I have included several different location concept directions as well as temporal following directions.  Have students hide a snowflake after listening to a direction.  To make this activity target sentence structure as well, I included sentence strips for describing the action, whether involved in the "snowball fight"or when following directions to hide or find snowflakes.

How are you finding ways to keep your students motivated during the winter?

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