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I am late {again} to the Love It & List It linky this month sponsored by Jenna at Speech Room News, but I sure do love social skills materials!  My list is quite long, so I will only share those items that have been used {rather overused} in our social skills group.

I am lucky to have a team of wonderful professionals to meet the needs of our students with social skill deficits.  The intervention specialists, occupational therapist, educational assistant, and I work collaboratively to teach and assist with carryover of social pragmatic language skills, as well as sensory and calming strategies, and executive functioning skills.  We run both primary and intermediate grade level groups twice weekly.  Our schedule, for the most part, begins with an explicit teaching day, followed by an application day {fun activities, games, challenges, craftivities}.  Vocabulary, examples, rules, scripts, and structured teaching using Michelle Garcia Winner's Think Social! Curriculum {the #1 on my list of materials} is the framework for our day of direct instruction.

We also use the The Incredible 5-Point Scale by Kari Dunn Buron {#2} to teach behaviors and feelings on a continuum.  Although I read The Incredible 5-Point Scale many years ago, I didn't put it into use until another very smart SLP in our district put some materials together.  Now, it's a mainstay in our social skills setting and beyond!

When it's time to collaborate on data each quarter, we try to allow the students some reinforcement.  My #3 on the list is Social Skills Chipper Chat from Super Duper Publications.

followed closely by #4 Model Me Kids Videos.  Check out the site, there are tons of videos for a variety of ages and target skills.  Our students love them!

For my high school students {#5} has to be my go to Social Language Development Scenes Adolescent from Linguisystems.  Pictures and the script for the SLP all ready to roll!

I could keep the list going and going, but you need time to hop back over the Jenna's linky for more great social materials from SLP bloggers!


  1. I need the 5 point scale! It's next on my list!
    Thanks for linking up!

    1. Thanks again for hosting! I just can't believe I let the book sit on a shelf for as long as I did! We have 1-5 (and even 0-5 scales) all over our therapy areas now!


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