Loving generous SLPs snow much!

I feel like for some, the snow has come and gone, but for this part of the country, we can expect snow until March {we've actually had snow days in March often}!  So, you have come to know that I LOVE freebies and the SLPs that provide them.  Once again snowy treasures for your lesson planning are just a click, download, and print away.  Enjoy the snow {or fake snow}!

Snowmen at Night Articulation

Snowball Antonyms

Snowball Antonyms

Say it to a Snowman

Sentence Scarves

Winter Stamp a Story

Winter Concepts Big & Little

Spin a Snowman Reinforcement

Word Fun (multisyllabic) Winter Theme

Winter Roll & Color Articulation TH-R-L-S-AND-V

Winter Themed Animal Sorting

Roll & Cover Winter

Winter Token Boards

Winter Roll & Color Reinforcement

Mitten Words (CV, VC, CVC)

Expressive Language Worksheets

Snowman Language Roundup

Add, as suggested by the educational assistant in my building {who totally deserves her very own blog post due to her creativity, support, generosity, workaholic nature...the list of character traits is extensive} my added FREEBIE, Roll a Snowman Reinforcement!  You can find it HERE in my TpT store.

Give each student in your group a blank sheet of paper, a dry erase board, or use a drawing app on the iPad.  Roll a die and match the corresponding number to the chart.  Draw that part of the snowman.  The first student to finish his/her snowman wins!

If you want to use this activity alone, rather than as reinforcement after practicing a target skill, target verbs "draw" and "roll" prior to, during, or following each turn.  Pronouns can also be targeted, "He rolled a six."  "He will draw stick arms."

I hope you have snow much fun this week in your therapy room!

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