New Year's Resolution: Evidenced-Based Practice

As promised, my New Year's Resolution post.  This year, I plan to compile Evidenced-Based Practice {EBP} in all areas of speech and language development for the school-based speech language pathologist...{I know it's not a completely measurable goal yet, but I plan to add the necessary components of a well written goal}.  Now, anyone reading will hopefully hold me accountable!

Before this little blog happened and my new resolution...this binder housed my Evidenced-Based Practice {EBP}.  In other common terms researched-based or scientifically-based speech and language interventions.

What makes a strategy evidenced-based?  EBP is intervention that has been shown, in valid peer reviewed evaluations, to result in desirable outcomes!  It involves the conscious use of current best evidence to assist in the selection of materials that will improve client skills.  {Linguisystems Guide to EBP & ASHA}.  We must have evidence to support our practice.  ASHA suggests beginning with a clinical question, then sifting through the available evidence or even creating your own study to determine best practices.

Many of our speech department's compiled research, in the binder, was shared via Dr. Charles Carlin {when he was just Chuck Carlin then, idol of many SLPs in our area}.  He collected and organized EBP in speech and language categories and presented on many techniques.  Our department divided the categories and found the research articles to accompany these practices {I told you our department ROCKS!}.  

As my binder needs some updating and we are continuously challenged to provide current evidence for everything we do with students, it's time to fulfill my resolution.  Our department chair stated so perfectly, "we ARE all using EBP in our therapy, we just don't recall the source."  So, let's compile some common sources and labels for our EBPs happening in the school speech therapy room.

To get you started, here are a few links that I found helpful.

ASHA Practice Portal {ASHA's link to client handouts, documents and templates, & evidence maps} 

ASHA's Compendium of EBP {research project to identify and obtain clinical practice guidelines}

SpeechBITE {speech pathology database for best interventions and treatment efficacy}

U.S. Department of Health & Human Services National Guideline Clearinghouse {a source for EBP}

Speech Peeps Blog Page on Evidenced-Based Interventions {a collection of current EBP}

Super Duper Publications Handy Handouts {free educational handouts for SLPs}

Linguisystems {Linguisystems has been linking EBP to products}

My goal/resolution:

Take each area of speech and language and post EBP links.  The next time you are asked, what EBP are you using in your therapy, click a link and smile in your best practice!

My timeline:

Once a month {I'd love to make it a linky, but I'm not that savvy with my blog yet}, I'll try to bring you a target area, with a collection of current best evidence regarding practices.

Getting started:

The following areas will be targeted, with tweaks along the way, as needed.



Comprehension & Following Directions

Articulation & Phonology

Pragmatic Language/Social Skills

What current best evidence are you using in your speech therapy room?  Could you provide the research if you were asked during an evaluation or meeting?

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