Out with the OLD!

Of course every school-based SLP will be taking lots of time to plan lessons over winter break, right?!  I finally know and am completely comfortable with my weaknesses.  I will bring home tons of materials for lessons, files for report writing, research to organize and barely touch any of it.  So, this year, I decided to pull out some versatile good "old" materials that usually just collect dust on my shelf.

All of the these materials are from Linguisystems {and apparently best sellers, so you may have them on your shelf too...as did a very giving SLP in my district, who passed hers along to me, possibly unopened}.

I am not affiliated with Linguisystems.

Stimulus Pictures for Group Therapy Grades K-2

These are new to me {thanks M}, but I am anxiously awaiting use.  Each 8 1/2 x 11 sized card includes a picture on the front with a variety of targets on the back, in the following categories:  articulation, listening, vocabulary, grammar, and reasoning.  One picture for a common theme and the ability to target individual goals.  I'm thinking baseline for the new year!

Stimulus Pictures for Group Therapy Grades 3-5

These well-loved cards have the same format, just more difficult targets for grades 3-5.

Social Language Development Scenes Adolescent

As the description indicates, "a flexible format" {check}, "attention-grabbing illustrations" {you got that}, and "targets a wide range of social skills" {bingo}, you can't go wrong!

So, now that we have discussed how I am taking "out the old" materials for use next week, what are you planning for your first day back?

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