Speech & Language "Blizzard Bag"

What's trending this winter?  That would be...going over the maximum allowable snow days.  The frigid air has caused our district to close for 6 days already, with neighboring districts at 7 or more.  Our state offered a blizzard bag program, where districts could choose to create a "bag" or set of activities targeting standards in subject and specials {art, physical education, music} areas.  Students must complete the activities and turn them in for credit, rather than making up the snow day.

So how do you ensure our students are still practicing speech and language targets during these days?  Call it snow day productivity, procrastination, boredom, if you will, but I created a little speech and language "blizzard bag."  You can find it HERE as a freebie in my TpT store.

The following target skill areas are included:

Expressive Vocabulary
Expressive Grammar
Receptive Language

Activities in each area are included with a brief descriptions for parents and students to engage in speech and language practice during snow days.  2 pages of pictures as well as 2 vocabulary word lists are also included.  A log is also included for recording the target skill and activity chosen for documenting the extra practice completed.  An optional writing sheet is provided as well.

It's funny how this product started as something totally different and in the end only select items made it into the "bag."  I will say though, I have a great start on another product with the other pages!

I'd love to hear your feedback on this freebie.  Although it's not likely we will again go over our snow day allotment; however, I figure I may use this to send home over a long break or just for extra winter practice.

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