Winter Sports-Themed Speech Therapy

Okay, so not such an original post title, I know.  Have you seen me ice skate {yes I took it as an elective in undergrad and I was a star at shoot the duck}, cross country ski {my active mom is finished and I'm still trying to figure out how to hold my poles}, or let's not even go the snowboarding route...I'll leave that one to my 8 year-old!  But talk about winning a gold medal in SLP freebies, now we are talking!  Once again, my obsession with themes, this time Faster-Higher-Stronger {} is definitely benefiting my therapy.

Read and Make Medal Predictions {listening comprehension, great stories about the Olympians}

Categories {categorization, defining}

Scavenger Hunt {listening comprehension}

Olympic book for creating your own sport {articulation carryover, describing, spoken grammar}

Dot pages reinforcement {no it's NOT a game}

Sochi, Russia Map {articulation practice /sh, ch/ it So/ch/i or So/sh/i...I've heard reporters pronounce it both ways, bulletin board picture}

Olympics vocabulary sorting {categorization, defining}

Looking forward to another obsession over the next couple of weeks!  I hope I can focus after staying up late to take in the games!

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  1. I remember your shoot the duck! You did well at it, I hated it! Those were fun times when we would go, you'd do your things, and I would do mine! My fave was my loop jump!


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