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Are you sticking to your resolution?  Well, I must apologize for not sticking to my resolution to provide those Evidenced-Based Practice links.  B.I.G. oops!  I did, however, come through with a promise to my speech department made last school year {well, part of it anyway}.  We wanted to organize our RtI resources, mainly articulation, for a quick place to retrieve forms when initiating interventions with students.  From permission forms, quick screening measures, to parent letters, data collection, tips, materials, and this list goes on, we felt like we were re-creating each time we added a new RtI student.

This post is where I introduced a few of my go to RtI resources.  Now, I have included some changes and additions in this post.  For starters, I have included a list, cover page if you will, of the materials I plan to keep handy.  Some of the items on the list are freebie resources I've found along the way, some are adapted, and some I've created.  There are no actual therapy materials but I did list free materials from Mommy Speech Therapy and also listed the 5 Minute Kids Articulation Program, although I am not affiliated with this product, I just happen to really find it useful.

Herein lies the packet of resources, beginning with the list.

RtI Articulation Resource List

Speech Screening Log

RtI Permission

Little Bee Speech Articulation Screener {Mommy Speech Therapy}

Articulation in Sentences Screener

Articulation Screening Review {Speaking of Speech}

Articulation Therapy Process Pinwheel {Mommy Speech Therapy}

Speech Hierarchy {Speaking of Speech}

Steps of Articulation Targets

Parent Artic Tip Handout

Speech Practice for Sounds

Super Duper Handout-Articulation #201 {log in and create a free account to access tons of parent handouts}

A Note about Speech Interventions

Sticker Chart {Speaking of Speech}

Articulation Therapy Log {Mommy Speech Therapy}

Articulation Intervention Follow up

These items will be kept in a binder with copies ready for new intervention students.  I sure hope this helps with efficiency!  What are you using for RtI resources?  I'd love to create a language packet next.

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