Love is in the air!

Okay, so apparently I got totally carried away creating Valentine activities, like this one I never blogged about.  There is always next year!

I have been LOVING all the freebies as well as some of those that have worked before.  Here is a picture from my I love speech and language product that includes an open-ended Candy Hearts Sentences sheet.  This youngster picked out some candy hearts with his sounds {ate the others} and then verbally created sentences with spectacular speech, then wrote the sentences for more home practice!

"My dad likes to hug me."
"My mom likes to kiss me."

Last year, I picked up some extra Valentine cards.  One box was Valentine Mad Libs.  I laminated them and the students wrote target words with their speech sounds with dry erase markers on each card.  Another set included scratch and sniff {chocolate & strawberry flavors were my favorites} Valentine cards.  Don't underestimate a Valentine card for speech therapy, with multiple meanings and figures of speech galore, these were perfect targets {okay so the scratch and sniff didn't hurt either}.

How are you loving Valentine's Day materials this week?

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