March into Speech and Language

Here's to hoping that although March may come in like a lion, we totally deserve a lamb at the end after this winter!  Regardless of the outcome, I'm super excited about my new product.

March into Speech and Language is a packet that will provide a variety of speech and language activities for small group therapy during the month of March. With clovers, clouds, basketballs, and flowers, targeting articulation, language, vocabulary, verbs, pronouns, and social language this product will surely be a go to as spring enters your speech room.

This produce includes the following:
Lucky Language clovers: 17 spring vocabulary words for defining and comparing
Lucky language describing cue card (category, function, attribute)
Lucky language Venn Diagram: write two target words for comparing and contrasting

Hoop shot articulation word cards: 12 /k/ words in mixed positions, 12 /f/ words in mixed positions
both sets using basketball themed words; 4 game cards, 2 blank cards
Hoot shot articulation word list /s, l, r/

 14 Spring themed conversational questions
Topic Talk conversational game board & directions for use {encourage conversations with targeted topic maintenance elements}

 22 irregular verb cards to target irregular past tense
March Winds reinforcement activity: use when targeting any skill {students collect items that can be blown away by the wind, choose the wind and put all items back, student with the most items at the end wins}
March Winds pronoun cue cards: use with reinforcement activity to target irregular past tense {The wind blew…) and objective pronouns (him, her, them)

Social Language Flowers: 14 spring social scenarios to use for targeting feelings, perspective taking and predicting
Social Language Flowers Feelings cue card

Hoop Shot Speech: Open ended articulation worksheet

Hoop Shot Speech: Open ended articulation worksheet

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