Our "Olympicks"

"I haven't been this excited about teaching in a long time."  Yes, that was the response from a very dear friend and intervention specialist at my elementary school after we, along with my favorite educational assistant collaborated to create the product Our "Olympicks."  I may have said this before, but I have the privilege of working with two amazing intervention specialists, an educational assistant that believe me, you would say I'm the luckiest SLP if I told you all the simply wonderful things she does for our students and teachers, as well as a super sweet occupational therapist when working with our social skills groups.  We run two levels each week, one consists of 1st & 2nd graders and the other 3rd & 4th graders.  These groups meet twice weekly, with often the initial session per week involves a lesson on our target social language, social thinking, or sensory skill.  The latter session involves more application, through a fine motor, gross motor, or cooperative learning activity.  As the intervention specialist and educational assistant started brainstorming about the upcoming Olympics, the students started dictating {literally} how the room should be decorated as well as what lessons they would like to target.  I am a total bandwagon jumper {which usually results in me taking over...weakness #1}, so I mentioned that I would create some materials based on their ideas...about 48 long hours later...BINGO! 

Our "Olympicks" includes nine small group cooperative learning activities targeting Common Core Standards from 2nd-4th grade.  Find it in my TpT store, on SALE for 50% off this week!  Our picks include three "minute trials," which are designed to be used similar to Minute to Win it challenges.  Supplies needed are simple {but surely I'll show you later during our challenges how our educational assistant has made them spectacular} and games can be adjusted as you see fit.  We happen to have four students in our younger group and nine in our older group, so we plan to split up into 2-3 students per group.

The packet gives you ideas for making each competition worth points and awarding Gold, Silver, and Bronze medals.  We will be heavily focusing on cooperation and hope to award students the maximum value for participating and working cooperatively with peers.

The remaining six picks involve Common Core links including similes & metaphors, compare & contrast, 3-part event sequencing, describing characters & perspective taking, graphing using bar graphs and line plots, and a design your own medal mini research project.

And just because I will want to use this theme in my speech room too, I've added two roll and cover reinforcement pages to use when targeting any skill.

Our students have learned a great deal of vocabulary and skills relating to social language, social thinking, and sensory skills and we are anxious to see how they practice these learned skills {carryover} in this thematic cooperative learning competition, all while targeting the Common Core Curriculum!

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